In the famous words of Lord Eddard “Ned” Stark, “Winter is coming”.  Technically winter has already graced us with its presence as of November 21st.  No snow yet but soon enough we will be blanketed by a fresh snowstorm and illustrate a winter scene.  Until snow falls let’s chat a bit about wearing white from head to toe.  Rocking an all-white outfit is not as easy as it looks.  It could come off as boring or costumey.  As I have mentioned in previous posts it is a good idea to mix and match textures.  I would recommend not wearing white linen during the winter.  Leave it for the scorching days of summer.  The varying fabrics add style while keeping with dapperness of the monochromatic look.  There are many shades of white.  There is winter white, ivory, bone, eggshell and many more tones.  The tricky thing about all these different tones is that they do not always compliment each other.  Whenever you are sporting an all-white ensemble, keep the tones in mind.  Feel free to mix the shades but let your eyes guide you.



Pictured above: Hat-Bailey (baileyhats.com), Turtleneck-Topman (us.topman.com), Double-breasted jacket-ZARA (zara.com), Pants-Theory (theory.com halls.com), Shoes-Gucci (gucci.com halls.com), Watch-Rolex (tivol.com)

Realistically, white can be an awkward color to style, let alone all-white.  However nowadays, for the dapper man, white can be a very attractive color which gives a powerful presence.  In one of my previous postings (Black to Basics) I talked about all black outfits. Essentially, this posting is quite the opposite.  White, an inherently positive color is associated with purity, innocence, safety and goodness.  In my opinion white is classic and suits almost any situation or occasion.  A white double breasted jacket has been modernized according to the latest trends and is now becoming a must have item for the stylish and modern man.  I am sure that at some point we have all attended a fabulous white party, whether during the summer or winter?  To see everyone wearing white from head to toe is quite a vision.  Just a little unsolicited advice, don’t get to close to the red wine drinkers!  I am speaking from experience.  So let’s pay homage to this winter season by rocking an all-white ensemble as we commence the upcoming Holiday parties!


Pictured above & below: Car-TESLA X (tesla.com)


Photography by: V o i c e O n e A r t s (voiceonearts.com)