Lørdag & Søndag, Norwegian for Saturday & Sunday, is one of Mexico’s hottest breakout brands, merges clean aesthetics with timeless designs and environmentally friendly materials. They have been featured in major magazines such as GQ, L’Officiel, Vanity Fair, InStyle, Out, Life & Style, Grazia and Esquire.

Here is the best part for 1DapperLatino.com fans: As part of the lead up to my launch we partnered with Lørdag & Søndag to give readers a sneak peak and opportunity to pre-order their bag before they hit any brick & mortar retailers in the United States & Canada. Click the banner below to go to their web site.


Designed and made in Mexico under the vision of Salvador Compañ, every piece displays a timeless Scandinavian simplicity, quality and functionality aimed by Lørdag & Søndag in the creation process to allow both men and women to wear each bag.


All of their pieces are hand made by Mexican artisans; and they strive to use only local raw materials to help support the community’s generations old craftsmanship. Additionally, the Lørdag & Søndag branded dust bags that come with each piece are made by an organization of Mexican mothers of children with muscular dystrophy.

**Pictured First

Håndsag is Lørdag & Søndag’s iconic bag. It is a Industrial felt and vegetable tanned leather backpack with inner division and compartment, also both made out of felt. This backpack has reinforced leather straps and its closures are two metal clasps, which allow easy access to the content of the bag.

Size: (40 x 35.5 x 9 cm) | Price: $354 | Visit Page