On March 28, 2017 I was in line for the Bubbly and Bowties pre-party for Kansas City Fashion Week with my date for the evening (HI, Theresa!).  We were standing in line when I looked behind me and noticed this sexy couple.  Of course, I had to introduce myself.  Lo and behold this attractive duo are the owners of what will soon be the sexiest bar and lounge in Kansas City, The Monarch Bar.  This was the evening I had the pleasure of meeting the multi-faceted David Manica and his beautiful wife Noelle.  We were all there to support our talented friend Georgina Herrera who has been a KCFW darling.  As we are chatting and do what people usually do when initially meeting, I find out that David is an architect and Noelle is a professional model (I mean have you seen her?!)  Manica was being modest when he said he was an architect.  Not only is an architect he is a renowned architect who has a secret plan to bring something fresh and seductive to Kansas City.  David and Noelle were kind enough to share this plan with me.  As the evening progressed they emailed me a rendering of this project!  I was very grateful and humbled that they entrusted this with me.  Now let me tell y’all, the rendering totally knocked my socks off.  I could not wait for this beauty to make its grand entrance into Kansas City’s nightlife!  The Manica’s could see so much excitement in my big brown eyes that they offered to give me a tour of the construction!  I was completely on cloud nine…surrounded by beautiful and fashionable people and hearing all about The Monarch.  This was turning out to be a fantabulous evening.

When April 7th arrived for me to tour The Monarch I was giddy as a little girl.  Pulling up in front of the Polsinelli building in the plaza which is where The Monarch is located on the ground level.  I noticed the construction was full steam ahead.  Even then you could feel the positive energy and excitement.  Walking into the construction site was a bit overwhelming but I could totally see Manica’s vision.  I looked back at the rendering and started to piece every room together.  As you can see from all the “BEFORE” pics it all started right down from the studs.   

bet you had no idea what this caterpillar looked like before it morphed into its Monarch splendor!  The Monarch is divided into three distinctive spaces.  The nine hundred thirty-five square foot patio will seat sixty-three people, which I highly suggest during the spring and fall.  The main bar area (which in my mind is the sweet and classy sister to The Parlour) is a thirty-four hundred square foot interior that will seat up to seventy-eight people.  Here is where you will find those stunning 1500 Monarch acrylic butterflies that float above the central bar.  Now, The Parlour (the more edgier and naughtier sister) is a private reserve lounge that will seat twenty-two people.  In The Parlour is where you will also meet the debonair man-in-charge of the naughtier sister, Kenny Cohrs.  The Bar Director and an entrepreneur himself (owner of Liquid Minded Concepts) is the tall and devilishly handsome, Brock Schulte.  Along with the three main Jefes of The Monarch are the talented, ever-smiling, menu-knowledgable and friendly bartenders and servers.  After all, these are the people who will make your visit to The Monarch memorable and make you feel right at home.  So my honorable mentions go out to Justin Jones, Adam Caparelli, Angelica Greco, Tiffany Bain, Jess Davis, Sarah Moratz, Teanna Totten, Misha Pollitt, Chris White, Ben Miller, Taylor Madden, Jessica Murray, Mazee Cornelius, Samantha Woiwood, Tom Petrucci and Tanner Wilkens.  It takes a small village to run such a sophisticated establishment that is frequently attended by celebrities.  So I tip my hat to you all for making The Monarch Bar a luxurious, alluring, posh but yet warm and welcoming spot that features the very best in innovative cocktails and delectable small plates for everyone in Kansas City and beyond to enjoy!  “Beauty by design.  Polish without pretension. Seamless, classic service.  Intimate, inviting and highly social.  This is The Monarch.”

Photo taken for The Monarch Bar by Aaron Leimkuehler of All Levels Photo.