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While I was in Houston I decided to branch out and google the top 5 Mexican restaurants in H-Town.  I decided to pick Picos Restaurant.  The first thing that I noticed was the smiling face of the hostess.  Soon I realized that she was smiling because she had to let me know that I would need to wear one of their “wonderful” button up shirts since I was wearing a sleeveless shirt (it was 102 degrees)!  Her smile softened the blow to my ego. As soon as I walked into the dining area I could tell this was a popular place (and loud).    I was immediately greeted by my friendly waiter.  I ordered the Chilorio (Sinaloa-style slow roasted seasoned pulled pork served with avocado slices, pico de gallo and fresh flour tortillas) as an appetizer and it was delicious!  I actually would’ve been satisfied having had  that as my entree.  Although my entree was just as yummy! I ordered the Enchiladas De Tejas (fresh corn tortillas filled with shredded chicken topped with Texas gravy, melted cheddar cheese, chopped onions and served with Mexican rice and refried pinto beans).  As I’m typing away my mouth is watering just writing about the Chilorio!  All in all I was very happy to have stepped out of my comfort zone and tried a new restaurant.