Hey peeps! My apologies for not posting this project earlier. Not to sound like a broken record but I lose track of time…A LOT lol. Time management is not one of my strengths but doing better!. House Law is another repeat client (these are the best). A couple years ago I designed 717 Office Group , which is an office of attorneys. One of the partners hired me to do their individual office. One of those most sought after and important details was to be able to maximize the space. He was using two different desks and they were eating too much space. The other eyesore in the office was the ceiling tile. It definitely needed new crisp tiles. FYI, clean and bright celling tiles really make a space look bigger.


My client wanted a dramatic yet masculine but warm and welcoming office. He didn’t want a traditional “lawyer-y” office. So, I definitely wanted to add some visual interest by adding some asymmetrical design to the space without spending too much of the budget. Paint is the perfect way to do that with three different moody color palettes. With all the beautiful natural light coming into the office it was ideal to play with those darker moody hues. I also wanted to create some asymmetry with my client’s diplomas. After all, those are some accomplishments that should be on display. Incorporating natural organic pieces like the end table and the console help soften the space with that touch of warmth. Also, bringing the outdoors (greenery/plants/moss) indoors is a very cost effective way to bring life into a space with dark hues. Don’t be afraid to use those dark colors in a small space. Dark palettes enclose a room making it moody, relaxing, comfortable and adding an air of sophistication. Use those dark hues in specific rooms to crate a welcoming and intimate atmosphere.

If you are a little apprehensive about using too much black like I did on this project just remember you are creating a balance between light and dark while giving some wiggle room for a change in accents down the road. 


The ceiling light fixture is from WEST ELM
Sofa is from GOLDEN & PINE
Desk and chairs are from CONTRACT FURNISHINGS
Console and end table from NEBRASKA FURNITURE MART
Floating shelves and Lamp from RESTORATION HARDWARE
Diploma Frames are from HOBBY LOBBY
Fine Art “Shine Always”  from KUSH FINE ART