Good morning peeps! Today is a very special day for me for two different reasons. First, today May 4th, is my BIRTHDAY, hence the birthday suit. Also, be aware that there will be a BIG GIVEAWAY coming very soon this month to celebrate! Secondly, with the talented help of F4 Foxtrot you are witnessing the rebranding and latest version of I felt it fitting to launch my rebranding by “baring” a little of my soul. Although, I won’t be giving away every tasty morsel. Think of it as an introduction to the real 1DL. My name is Jesus Josue Montes. I am a full on Mexican Taurus through and through and love life immensely. I had a great childhood with loving parents and I am the oldest of three siblings who I love very much. As I look back at my life, I take notice as to why I made some pretty bad decisions. There are a few choices I made in my life that very much affected me physically and mentally. Those choices influenced me to have less then stellar judgement. I mean, I think we all have screwed up from time to time, right? After all, that is what makes us human.

It surprises me when peeps from social media meet me and compliment me on how well put together they think I am. My response generally is, “Well thank you so much but ‘its all smoke and mirrors'”. I would assume from someone outside looking in it would appear that I have this perfect life. After all, isn’t that what social media is for (insert sarcastic look here)? Parts of my life are pretty close to perfect, such as my amazing partner in life and our cute as hell Maltipoo, Austin. It took thirty years to find that perfection-ish. We all know marriages are not perfect. I have had a few serious relationships with both men and women and they all still have a piece of my heart. Anyways, back to my so-put-together “perfect” life. A few years prior to meeting my partner I bounced around quite a bit. I had no purpose and carefree to a fault. I lived life as if there were no repercussions. I have lied, stolen, used drugs, rehabbed and used drugs again, cheated/unfaithful, abused alcohol, got into physical fights, gambled, promiscuous and broke every commandment from the Holy Book except murder and thank goodness! I definitely was not the person I am today. Although, those moments and circumstances served a purpose by molding me into the human you see and have met either online or in per person.

Do I have regrets for all the unsavory and vagabondo moments in my life…yes and no. My Boo Boo has taught me not to live life with regrets, although that is still a challenge for me. We should consider respecting and embracing our journeys that molds us into who we are. What we have done in the past is just that, the past. Enjoy the present, the moment you are in now. Most importantly what I am trying to convey is that the past does not have to define who you are. Will I continue to make mistakes and wrong decisions? I’m sure I will and and will continue to do so till the day I take my last breath. After all, I am far from perfect. Our imperfections are what create character. Now that I have surrendered a bit of my soul to you all, let’s set focus on the beautiful Tiffany & Co by Elsa Peretti baubles that I’m donning. You may be asking what these pieces have to do with this post? They are meant for women but if you have been following me for awhile you know that I’m all about gender fluidity. I’m very transparent about mixing women’s and men’s clothing along with jewelry. Elsa Peretti has great appreciation for the human body and I had been eyeing these two pieces for awhile, especially that bone cuff. Just thought they would look great with my birthday suit (winky face). Always be confident in your own skin. I can not express how important it is for you to forgive and love yourself. In conclusion, be naked but make it fashion and always remember, keep it DAPPER!

PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Grate Productions