Here I’m wearing a crisp white double breasted blazer from Zara.  Its a great classic piece for spring/summer and transition to fall.  A blazer is that item of clothing that can immediately alter how you look and feel.  You can pair a single or double-breasted blazer with a simple T-shirt and a nice pair of jeans and it’ll instantly bring a touch of sophistication.  It’s always good to have that balance of formal and casual staples.  You can also bring that blazer to another level by combining it with a pair of tailored pants and an Oxford shirt as pictured.  I’ve heard in the past that the DB jacket is not a good look for short men but I beg to differ.  I’m 5’6  and I love that the DB jacket gives the appearance of broad shoulders and if tailored correctly in the waist it will create a tall and striking silhouette.  I prefer a solid hue, black or white, in a DB blazer.  For me it increases the possibility to wear on a day to day basis.


Photography by: V o i c e O n e A r t s (www.voiceonearts.com)