The way I met these particular clients was quite serendipitous.  I was at West Elm checking on an order for another client when I was approached by the sweetest couple.  Who recently became engaged!  I could tell she was a little flustered as she looked around the store.  Turns out they had just bought and moved into their first home as a couple.  A beautiful modern home in the Beacon Hill area of Kansas City.  She politely asked me if I was an interior decorator and of course, I said yes.  Their busy schedules hindered them from spending much time working on decorating their new home.  I had just finished a couple of projects and fortunately I was available and happy to assist them.  It is one of those instances where you are at the right place at the right time!  I met them at their place a couple of days later to assess the scope of work.  So pretty much they needed to get their entry, master bedroom, dining room and office worked on.  They already had all the important pieces for their living room but it needed a little tszujing (In the fashion world, it means to make something better, generally by tweaking or quirking it a bit).

Pictured above: Before pic

Pictured above: After pic Wall paper- One Stop Decorating, Helios Chandelier, black duvet, mongolian pillow and window panels- Z Gallerie, Hanging pendants- Wilson Lighting, White canvas art piece- Z Gallerie, Bed-ModLoft via- ULAH,

For this project we went with a Mid-Century Modern Glam feel, especially in the master bedroom.  The mid-century modern style is known for its simple and classic lines yet there are ways to make it glamorous.  In the master we implemented sumptuous fabrics and metallic finishes with personal touches that made this client’s home one of a kind.  For example, you will see personal photographs that my client took and we had framed to use as artwork.  The metallic wallpaper that was used as an accent wall really adds that subtle but yet luxe feel.

Pictured above: Before pic

Pictured above: After pics; Dresser and Planters- ULAH, Small frames and dresser lamp- HomeGoods 

Pictured above: Before pic

Pictured above: After pic; We had the builder replace the shelves with a more custom look using real wood shelving and staining it to match the flooring.  Drum table, picture frame and glass vase- HomeGoods/ Stacked boxes & marble plate- ERDOS at Home/ Gold planter with succulent- ULAH/ Stacked ” Chanel” books- J’adore Home & Garden/ Throw- Z-Gallerie  

In the office I envisioned floating shelves to add some dimension and storage.  The office would also work as the second guest room by keeping their oversized chaise.  Luckily my client is very handy with his hands and was able to create the three wooden floating shelves.  It is always a treat when I can collaborate with a client in making something fantastic and cost effective.  Floating shelves also give the illusion of extra space.  Add a custom framed picture of the Kansas City skyline and you have a warm and inviting place to relax or work!

Pictured above: Before pics

Pictured above: After pics; Custom floating shelves made by client/ White vase- West Elm/ Head of David vase- House of Deboer/ Succulent planters, blue vases, desk chair and wooden sculpture- Erdos at Home

Pictured above: Mobile Chandelier and floor planter- West Elm/ Dining chairs- Wayfair/ Ceramic accessories & wired sphere- HomeGoods

Pictured above: Wine glass rack- Anthropologie

Pictured above: Abstract metal art-Z Gallerie/ Entry console table- West Elm/ Rectangular photo art pieces came from a photographer-artist by the name of Dallos Paz in Oklahome City, OK/ Square art pieces & planter- HomeGoods 

Photography by: V o i c e O n e A r t s