was asked not too long ago, “What is most important to you, Josh?”  Without missing a beat I responded “family”.  Family can also refer to very close friends and fortunately I have many of them.  In this instance I am referring to my immediate family.  I do not have any kids of my own (aside from my precious Maltipoo, Austin and orange Tabby, Dexter) but my nieces and nephews are the apple of my eye.  Last year I had my first photo shoot with these kiddos and it turned out to be so much fun.  My hope is to turn it into an annual family tradition before these not-so-little angels figure out that it is uncool to be hanging out with their fantabulous uncle Josh during their summer break.  I kinda do wish I had started my blog years ago when they were much younger but as they say, all in due time.  A little part of me hopes that one of these kids will follow in my footsteps and falls in love with everything fashion/home decor & eats.

Last year I went with a “Karl Lagerfeld” vibe for our photo shoot.  On a side note, how excited are you about “Mr. Chanel” collaborating with VANS?  As much as I am a fan of black and white, I wanted to bring in some color for this years fashion shoot with my kids.  I also had the great pleasure of using jewelry maven Georgina Herrera‘s fine baubles, MCK Brands. My kids were ecstatic to be modeling Georgina’s pieces.  I highly recommend you check out her line if you have not had the opportunity to do so.  Another reason why I wanted to weave in some color into this shoot is because of the sudden surge of “Unicorn”…hello Starbucks!  However you choose to describe the splendor of the multi-colored goodness that is infiltrating every aspect of our lives, it was exceptionally fun to unicorn-fy-ish this photo shoot but still keep it a bit of edge.  Now lets go find a Unicorn!

Pictured above: Mitzi/ Jacket & pants- ZARA, Top- H&M, Shoes- HALLS, Jewelry- MCK Brands by Georgina Herrera

Pictured above: Sophia/ Jumper- ZARA, Shoes- Steve Madden, Jewelry & Headband- MCK Brands 

Pictured above: Chai/ Hat- Peter Grimm, Shirt & suspender pants- ZARA, Sandals- Birkenstock , Watch & jewelry- MCK Brands

Pictured above: Hat- Bailey of Hollywood, Shirt & pants- ZARA, Suspenders- Trafalgar, Shoes- Prada, Bee pin- Topman, Watch- Rolex 

Photography by: V o i c e O n e A r t s