I am so happy to announce with this blog post that for the next four months I will an Ambassador for Mission Farms in Leawood Kansas!  It is going to be such a wonderful adventure to be working with each of the businesses located in Mission Farms.  I have chosen to commence this fantastic journey with, Blue Koi Noodles & Dumplings!  This locally owned dumpling haven was a total treat for me since I had never been.  I know, how have I not been here before?  Believe me, I have asked myself the same question.  Any who, as soon as I pulled up I noticed the beautiful and meticulous window front garden.  It definitely set the tone for lunch.  As I stepped through the beautiful bright blue colored door I was greeted with a warm smile from the hostess and seated at a booth with a picture of a smiling Buddha!  How perfect is that?  As I glanced through the menu my server came over with the biggest smile (HI Elle)!  Since this was my first time to Blue Koi I asked her for some recommendations and let me tell you, she did not disappoint.  For starters I ordered two appetizers…

Pictured above:  Basil Chicken in Lettuce Wrap– minced chicken, Shitake mushroom, crushed peanut sautéed with basil and wrapped in crisp lettuce and added some Sriracha sauce.

Pictured above:  Dumplings a la Carte– Northern Chinese pan-fried pork dumplings in some spicy awesome sauce.

I will add that each of the the starters at Blue Koi are more than enough for two people.  You could easily just eat the appetizers in lieu of main courses.  I love it when restaurants do not skimp on portions.  Well I am pretty sure my waistline would have issues with the portions!  By the way, their menu is quite extensive so I surrendered my lunch choices to the lovely Elle who picked two of their most popular entrees for me…

Pictured above:  Chinese Style Pot Roast with noodle– Pot roast is roasted and bathed in their marinade for hours.

Pictured above: Ants On A Tree– Sautéed minced pork or vegan-mix with bean noodle garnished with scallion and cilantro.

Needless to say I had a a lot of yumminess to take home and maybe share with my partner.  This restaurant is most definitely worth trying-again and again.  The food is yummy the customer service is top-notch and the physical space is attractive with it’s blue and brown hues.  As I was paying my bill and collecting my belongings I realized I forgot to order one of their signature bubble teas.  Well, that just means I will have to come back sooner than later to try other entrees with a bubble tea!

Two Locations:  

Blue Koi Leawood

10581 Mission Road

Leawood, KS 66206



Blue Koi Midtown

1803 W. 39th Street

Kansas City, MO 64111