Hey peeps, so in honor of Taco Tuesday I decided to head over to the newest taco hot spot on 39th St.  TikiTaco satisfied my taste buds for tacos.  When I arrived I attempted to walk into the restaurant but quickly realized that it was more of a “taco truck” brick and mortar concept, if that makes any sense?  It took me back to my childhood when I would vacation in Chihuahua with my family and we would eat outside of these delicious taco stands on the street, hence street tacos.  When I finally realized that it was more of eat outside on the available picnic tables under the thatched-roof awning, I walked up to the small walk-up window.  Now their menu is a bit abbreviated but that certainly did not take away from the yumminess.  Think, less is more.  I wish I had ordered one of everything but I kept it simple by ordering the crispy ground beef tacos, chips and salsa and two beverages; Agua de Jamaica and Horchata.  The homemade taco shells were perfectly crispy and warm without being greasy. The beef filling and the usual suspects (lettuce, tomatoes and cheese) were fresh and flavorful.  They do offer chicken and fish/shrimp tacos for you non-red meat eaters.  In my opinion if you’re going to have a limited menu make it about quality.  The salsa was fresh, chunky and robust while the chips were the right crispness and thickness.  Now I started with the high marks but I will deduct on the beverages.  For my taste, I found the Agua de Jamaica and Horchata a bit bland and watered down.  I was also disappointed to hear after I ordered The ChupaCOBBra that it was not available.  Kudos on the name by the way!  I did have the pleasure of chatting up Tyler who is one half of the brains behind this must check out eatery.  He mentioned that just last week they started doing DELIVERY!  How awesome is that?  Even though I didn’t find anything innovative, TikiTaco is definitely the place to go to if you want quick and good Mexican food on the go.  For you late nighters they are open till 1 am Monday through Thursday and 3 am Friday and Saturday.

*On a side note,  TikiTaco next time I head over there, please have some ChupaCOBBra for me…pretty por favor?