Years ago when I used to live in downtown Kansas City, I would hear about this fantastic food truck.  So many friends and acquaintances would rave about it.  Funny thing was that I remember back when I was a young buck living in West Texas, people would frown upon food trucks.  Typically non-hispanics would be doing the frowning about this particular dining experience.  Fast forward, I would say 10 years and now they are all the rave among every demographic (thank you hipsters)!  I had heard that some brave soul was serving authentic Mexican cuisine out of his Airstream trailer.  The kicker for me was that this brave soul’s name was Patrick Ryan.  OK, so then I am thinking to myself how is a “Patrick Ryan” serving up authentic Mexican Cuisine?  That was a bit of an oxymoron for me.  Even back then I never had the pleasure of trying out the delicacies that Patrick was churning out.  Actually a couple of times I did try but I believe he was either closed or he had moved his Airstream to another location.  Essentially I never made it to this popular food truck  A couple of years later, come to find out that Chef Ryan opened up PORT FONDA in Westport.  He picked the perfect location!

Pictured above: Esquite Asado– Grilled sweet corn, epazote, poblano rajas, cotija cheese, habanero mayonnaise, chile, cilantro and lime.  *On a side note: A  MUST ORDER

Pictured above: Quesadilla Omelette– Eggs scrambled with roasted tomato salsa and avocado served with a side salad.

Pictured above: Chilaquiles– Chorizo verde, salsa de molcajete, chips, 2 huevos, crema, cilantro, cebolla and lime.

took the first opportunity I could to check out Port Fonda’s new brick and mortar.  I must admit, I had been missing out!  The whole ambiance was spot on to what Chef Ryan was creating in his kitchen.  The fare that was coming out of the kitchen was not only delicious but the presentation was beautiful.  I had the pleasure of meeting Patrick and I could just sense the passion he puts into his dishes.  I had the pleasure of working with Patrick this past year volunteering on the committee for COMIDA.  It truly speaks mountains about Chef Ryan’s commitment and passion about cuisine and volunteering his time to participate in COMIDA.  Since this is my BLOG I feel comfortable stating that PORT FONDA was one of the main “attractions”.  If by chance you have not had the opportunity to eat at this James Beard Foundation semi-finalist for BEST Chef in the Midwest then you are missing out in a big way.  Heck, I still kick myself for not ever making it to the Airstream but I am definitely glad to hit up this eatery pretty often.  This inventive Mexican food restaurant is open seven days a week and has a second location in Lawrence, KS.  So now get in your car and head over to either spot and enjoy the delicacies!

Pictured above: Chimichanga– Poblano cream, fried egg, onion, radish and cilantro.  *Ask your server for that day’s chimi special.

Pictured above: Chile Relleno– Beer battered stuffed poblano, roasted tomato-habanero sauce served with side salad.  *Ask your server for that day’s chile relleno special

Photography by: 1 Dapper Latino, LLC

Port Fonda/West Port

4141 Pennsylvania

Kansas City MO 64111


Port Fonda/ Lawrence

900 New Hampshire

Lawrence, KS 66044