I was so thrilled when the opportunity arose for me to redesign the hearth room in one of Kansas City’s most beautiful neighborhoods, Sunset Hill.  Unfortunately I was  not able to take “before” pictures of this project but the “afters” speak for themselves.  To describe a bit of the “before” there was a huge “vanilla” sectional, a couple of leather chairs and a big square leather ottoman.  I knew I needed to bring this hearth room to it’s stupendous glory and for it to be a perfect fit for these art collectors.  When consulting with my clients they wanted to bring life back to the room but also keep it warm, functional and inviting.  The thoughts of bringing vibrant oranges, cozy reds, sultry grays and earthy browns were fluttering around in my head.  This is the room where their whole family, friends and dogs gather around so to introduce browns into this room would infuse good energy and warmth.  I also had to keep in mind that their beautiful chef’s kitchen leads into their hearth room.  I did suggest in giving their kitchen just a touch of updating by replacing their counter stools.  There were only a couple of pieces that had to stay in the space, the massive exquisite armoire, their extensive art collection, sculptures and the stunning Persian rug.  I immediately knew the rug needed to be the anchor for this project.

The idea of bringing another sectional in this room was not an option for me.  I wanted to open up the space for an easy transition from kitchen to hearth room.  I had to keep in mind that there would be a need for more seating to accommodate the space than what the sectional offered.  My first thought was to find two matching eight foot sofas.  In my mind I was picturing very clean lines and a mid-century aesthetic.  My clients were on the same page.  They did express that they would like a high traffic fabric.  This was going to have to be a custom order.  Custom orders are always a lot of fun. I mean you literally can create your very own pieces to fit your lifestyle.  You’re unique so why not make your surroundings unique, am I right?  Once we established the right style, fabric and legs for the two sofas everything else begins to fall in place.  One of the main reasons I thoroughly love being an interior designer is because I love the hunt.  I enjoy getting out there and finding the right pieces for a client.  After a couple of tries I found the perfect plush, velvety, rich and chocolate colored fabric with specs of other earth tones woven in the fabric.  Not only did I find the the right fabric but also the right style of sofa along with an amazing hide ottoman with my friends over at Crate and Barrel. The images below truly do not do it justice.

 Early on my clients showed interest in Papa Bear Chairs.  In case you have never heard of these iconic chairs, Danish designer Hans J. Wegner initiated production in 1953.  These chairs are most certainly investments for life.  The chair received its name after a critic had referred to its armrests as ‘great bear paws embracing you from behind’.  From the images below you’ll be able to see what the critic was referring to.  You definitely know once you sit on one!  It has become one of Wegner’s most popular designs.  I began looking for replicas due to initial scope.  Realistically if I was to find two original Papa Bear Chairs that would completely blow the budget.  One day as I was out and about I stopped in see my good friend, Rod Parks over at Retro InfernoIf  you have not been to this mid-century, vintage, antique and modern haven then you are missing out!  I was casually chatting with Rod about these chairs and lo and behold he had two of them with ottomans!  He just had them restored and were sitting in a special place in his store.  Once I saw them I immediately knew those were it.  The burnt orange leather was perfection!  The timing could not have been more perfect.  My only concern was the price.  I got on the phone with my clients and told them about this once-in-a-lifetime find.  They rushed on over and after a little negotiating they became proud owners of a pair of Hans J. Wegner Papa Bear chairs with ottomans!  Literally a match made in heaven for me and these art enthusiasts. As you will see from all the images below, this hearth room came together maravillosamente!  I could not be more happy with the results.  Having these beautiful bold toned gems gracing their new home could not be more perfect.  Thank you for trusting me with the heart of your home where your family comes together and trust that you will have many new and happy memories.

Pictured above: 

Leather Counter Stools- West Elm

Pictured above:                                                                                                                                                                                        Sofas and ottoman- Crate & Barrel                                                                                                                                                          Leather chairs- Retro Inferno                                                                                                                                                                          End tables and throw pillows- West Elm                                                                                                                                                   Throw- Happy Habitat                                                                                                                                                                Accessories- HomeGoods                                                                                                                                                                              Savoy Chandelier- Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams       

Photography by: V O I C E O N E A R T S