good overcoat helps define and showcases to the world who, exactly, you might be.  Not to be confused with a topcoat, as it is made from a lighter fabric.  Both coats display a sense of sophistication and style.  Many people think the overcoat is the winter-appropriate addition to a three piece suit but this essential is completely versatile.  For the more relaxed and casual look you could pair your overcoat with a trim-fitting shirt and v-neck sweater or sweater vest, along with a well fitting sports jacket.  Throw on a pair of rolled up jeans and a nice winter boot and voilà!  Either way, its the first impression and the outermost expression of you being you.  Aside from it making you look very dapper, it keeps you warm.  If you are looking to invest in an overcoat that you will wear for years to come, choose a style that is 100 percent wool.  It will weather well during the winter season, year after year.  Now, another alternative would be a cashmere version.  Not only are the cashmere versions more expensive but they are likely to show wear at the cuffs and collar quicker than the wool version.

Even though your overcoat won’t be the cheapest addition to your wardrobe it is, however, a very smart investment.   The one thing it is not, is occasion wear.  Feel free to experiment with what you are wearing underneath.  Also play around with different styles and colors.  I will highly suggest that when you are trying on overcoats to wear a shirt and a suit jacket underneath it for an accurate fit.  Designers was continuously changing details on this fashion staple.  They will change the collars, lapel style, buttons, add elbow patches, alter lengths and silhouettes.  There are two different styles in overcoats that have stayed consistent and those would be a single-breasted and double-breasted coat.  It pretty much comes down to personal preference.  I would say the double-breasted overcoat is probably the more traditional.



Pictured above: Overcoat (100% cashmere)-Saks Fifth Ave (saksfifthavenue.com), Turtleneck-Banana Republic (bananarepublic.com), Double-breasted blazer-Buffalo Exchange (buffaloexchange.com), Pants-TALLIA (talliaorange.com, halls.com), Shoes-Gucci (gucci.com, halls.com), Executive tote-Prada (prada.com)

There are many colors and patterns available to you when choosing an overcoat.  There are brown, plaid, grey and even fire engine red but the two classic colors would be black and camel.  Again, this goes back to personal preference. Pick a style and color that best suits your personality.  In a nutshell, the overcoat will take any outfit up a notch and keep you warm and comfy during the winter season.  As I mentioned earlier, spending some money on a good quality overcoat may hit your pocketbook a bit but I assure you it will be money well spent.  It is a fundamental part of any dapper and modern man


Pictured above: Overcoat-TALLIA (talliaorange.com, halls.com), Sweater vest-Ralph Lauren (ralphlauren.com), Jeans-TOPMAN (us.topman.com), Boots-UGG (ugg.com), Scarf-Burberry (burberry.com)


Pictured above: Overcoat (100% wool)-Banana Republic (bananarepublic.com), Turtleneck-Banana Republic (bananarepublic.com), Jeans-Theory (theory.com halls.com), Shoes-Penny Luck (pennyluckshoes.com)

Photography by: V o i c e O n e A r t s (voiceonearts.com)