Another amazing creation from Mexican breakout brand LØRDAG & SØNDAG!  Just in time for the Holidays!  LØRDAG & SØNDAG, which has been featured in L’Officiel, GQEsquireVanity Fair and OUT Magazine, is known for both their top quality leather and the world class craftsmanship that goes into every bag.

Again, very excited to share with my readers another promotional collaboration with LØRDAG & SØNDAG!  Those of you who purchase at LØRDAG & SØNDAG ( will get 10% off using PROMO CODE: 1DL.  That is a savings of up to $50.00 per bag!

BUT, the Holiday Spirit does not stop there!  If a viewer buys two or more bags priced over $200.00 a piece they will ALSO receive the all black tumbled leather clutch call Søm, absolutely FREE!  That is a $100.00 gift from the team of elves over at LØRDAG & SØNDAG!

Pictured below: These gorgeous and super limited Oaxaca Tote Backpacks are selling pronto!  This bag will be available in 2017 in a limited amount of boutiques.  However, these popular bags will not arrive before the New Year as each bag is handmade and organically dyed with natural elements only found in a specific region in Mexico.

Pictured below: This is the the FREE SØM clutch that will be yours when you purchase two or more bags priced over $200.00 a piece!


Promo code: 1DL Saves 10%