Blue jeans have been a part of human culture for about 140 years.  Denim even longer!  Denim, a type of durable cotton twill textile, is a fabric of many faces.  It has been used as protection clothing in factories to on the catwalks for major designer clothing.  One of the most recognized names in denim is Levi’s (www.levi.com).  In the 1800’s in the time of the Gold Rush, Levi Strauss, a business man, and Jacob Davis, a tailor, supplied American gold miners with denim pants that were made from durable material and reinforced with rivets at the places where pants tended to rip which prolonged the life of the pants.  This forever marked the beginning of jeans and the symbolic brand Levi Strauss which is still hugely successful today.

*Fun fact:  Statistically, every American owns, on average, seven pairs of blue jeans.



Pictured above: Hat-Brixton (www.brixton.com), Necklace-Bitty Baubles KC, Shirt-Buffalo Exchange (www.buffaloexchange.com), Leather belt-Brunello Cucinelli (www.saksfifthavenue.com), Jeans-Levi’s (www.levi.com), Cuff bracelet-Fred Tate (fredandjanistatedesigns.com), Classic silver chain bracelet-John Hardy (johnhardy.com), Silver serpent ring-Kendra Scott (kendrascott.com), Backpack-Lørdag & Søndag (lordagsondagusa.com), Boots-UGG (www.ugg.com)

So I know we all love a great pair of jeans.  We also know millions of ways to wear them.  One way of wearing denim has for a long time been frowned upon but on the same token it has been a trendy style.  That would be denim on denim.  Often referred to as a Canadian tuxedo, another fun fact.  It kind of goes against everything we have been taught is right about putting an outfit together.  As we all have seen denim on denim is having a huge resurgence at this moment in time.  Before you diving into the same shade of blue in your outfit, try mixing the different colored denims first.  For example, try some grey or white jeans with a chambray shirt or a blue denim jacket with black jeans.  I prefer to mix different shades of denim then having all one consistent shade.  It just looks way to matchy matchy.  You have to add a little flair to the ensemble.  The one thing that I will ask you NOT to do is to add denim accessories to to your outfit, i.e…a denim cap or hat.  I think we all remember the travesty but now-iconic image of Mizz Spears (Britney) and J.T. ( Justin Timberlake) from back in the day, when they coordinated denim on denim from head to toe.  If you have never seen it Google it.  Let this be the gauge on how NOT  to use denim on denim, if you are ever in doubt.





Photography by: V o i c e O n e A r t s (voiceonearts.com)