These last few days of autumn have been amazing here in the Mid West.  It has been that perfect temperature between fall and winter.  At times it can be hard to figure out what to do when it comes to transitional dressing.  Do we pull out our turtlenecks and heavy jackets immediately?  I would probably wait.  The weeks between fall and winter can range from warmish days that call for short and flip flops to chilling sweater weather in an abrupt second.  There really is no rhyme or reason, but it is what we have grown accustomed to.   If you are like me and terrified of cold temperatures and want to break out the parka.   You should own a super lightweight jacket that will keep the subtle chill at bay.  The lighter jackets are perfectly suitable for milder winter days.  You can very easily wear them again when winter transitions into spring.  Plaids. tartans and ginghams have officially made a comeback.  Whenever you look for any of these patterns, do it carefully.  You could end up looking cheap if you purchase a messy checkered print.  The red and black gingham/checkered jacket that I am sporting is one of my traditional favorites for the season. It is a lightweight wool jacket and perfect for the crisp mornings and evenings.  It also reminds me that Thanksgiving and Christmas is right around the corner.  The color red and the feel of wool is reminiscent of this upcoming holiday season.  Nonetheless, this lumberjack chic jacket is the latest in a line of menswear-adopted-by-womenswear.  It is another autumn staple, suggesting unisex fashion.  The great thing about this trend is that it is totally fine to max it up by going double and triple.  Meaning that you can mix it with a plaid/checkered shirt.  Plaids are here to stay!


Pictured above: Cap-The Bunker (bunkeronline.com), T-shirt-American Apparel (store.americanapparel.net), Jacket-Buffalo Exchange (buffaloexchange.com), Jeans-Levi’s (levi.com), Boots-UGG (ugg.com), Sunglasses-Ray-Ban (ray-ban.com), Backpack-Lørdag & Søndag (lordagsondagusa.com)