Although scarves can be used all year round depending on the fabric, the 100% cashmere scarf should be reserved for fall and winter.  That scarf, which is probably the most recognized, would be the BURBERRY scarf (burberry.com).  I am 100% sure you have been noticing this fashion staple wrapped around everybody’s neck as we approach winter.  The English luxury fashion house, which is headquartered in London, England, was established in 1856.  The genius behind the luxury brand was, a then 21 year old, Thomas Burberry.  His original idea was the development of outdoor attire.  The popular fashion house has since then moved on to its signature check pattern-based scarves *as pictured*, trench coats, sunglasses, fragrances, cosmetics and their famous rain boots.  Their pattern, The BURBERRY Check, has become one of the most widely pirated trademarks.  I would say that BURBERRY is most famous for their scarves and trench coats.


Pictured above: Backpack-Lordag & Sondag (lordagsondag.com), Hat-All Saints (allsaints.com), Scarf-BURBERRY

One of the many reasons that this scarf is one of my go-tos, is because it is easily worn by both males and females of any age.  Yes, is the price point a bit high for most?  The scarf is unquestionably well-made and a quality item that will last you through the years.  Let me tell you, I have owned my very first BURBERRY scarf for close to eight years and it still looks good as new.  It is money well spent for an accessory that has lasted this long and is absolutely timeless.  I have worn my scarves with suits and tuxedos to dressed down and casual ensembles.  Even with its many styles and shades, this iconic scarf will always be recognized as a globally accepted luxury accessory.  It truly is an extremely versatile must-have item.  So with Christmas right around the corner maybe, just maybe, you would like to surprise your loved one with one of these coveted and iconic scarves.


Pictured above: Hat-Brixton (brixton.com), Shirt-GAP (gap.com), Sweater-Ralph Lauren (ralphlauren.com), Coat-TALLIA (talliaorange.com), Pants-TOPMAN (us.topman.com), Scarf-BURBERRY (burberry.com), Boots-UGGS (ugg.com)


Pictured above: Model- Saira Quezada


Photography by: V o i c e O n e A r t s (voiceonearts.com)