know I know, Im a bit late on posting about Kansas City Fashion Week F/W ’17.  Unfortunately, I was not able to attend every show of the week.  Even though I have been having a few issues with my time management I have had to prioritize.  I am not complaining or bragging but I have been keeping extremely busy with my first passion, which is interior decorating.  However, wild horses were not going to keep me away from attending Saturday’s show. It would be unfair to say that they saved the best for last since I did not attend the shows between Wednesday and Friday but they did save the best for last!  The super talented designers gracing the European style runway this season were, Michael DrummondTomboyBarbara BultmanChristian Michael (showed two collections and one of them was his very first women’s line), Dolyn Bags, House Of Cochon, Lucia’s Sarto and Georgina Herrera!  In full disclosure, I encountered a couple of blips at the beginning of the show.  The main one was the camera in my phone was acting up.  I was not able to photograph the first three designer’s collections.

I was able to capture a few pictures of Christian Michael’s mens wear and collaboration with Dolyn Bags.  Btw, these bags are amazeballs!  Congrats to Ami Beck for a fabulous collection.


After intermission the glorious, Georgina Herrera, brought her A-game with her spectacular collection.



House Of Cochon showcased a whimsical collection


The final and FABULOUS collaboration of the evening were none other than sHe by christianMICHAEL and GEORGINA HERRERA.  What a heavenly mix of fashion, creativity and beauty!




All in all, the eleventh season of KCFW was full of electric energy.  Well, I can only speak about Saturday’s showcases.  From what I have seen and heard from the other days, all the designers were fantastic!  Next season I will most definitely block time from interior decorating to be more present in KCFW.  This was my second season attending KCFW and I enjoyed every minute. Again, many CONGRATULATIONS to all the uber talented designers who showcased their collections in F/W ’17.  I know it is not an easy feat but you all pulled it off “seamlessly”!