The most eagerly awaited new restaurant in Kansas City has finally opened it’s doors!  Not only is it a restaurant but it is a restaurant-in-a-restaurant.  The minute I walked in I was greeted by the friendliest hostess (Kristin), an attentive GM (Keith), a small stage for live music and a beautiful 35 foot long bar.  The aesthetic is chic, modern but warm using black and grey palettes.  There are these two massive but gorgeous concrete columns on the right side of the restaurant when you walk into the dining area.  On this same wall is this huge incredible painting of a raven, which is Corvino’s signature.  Michael and Christina Corvino commissioned the beautiful painting from Kansas City’s very own artist extraordinaire, Jeremy Collins.  The columns along with the raven create this romantic setting to where you could dine and snuggle with your honey.  Corvino Supper Club & Tasting Room has planted roots in the Crossroads District.  They joined forces with the Copaken Brooks commercial real estate firm and started working on the Corrigan building and voilà.  As I mentioned earlier about the restaurant-in-a-restaurant concept referring to it’s 90 seat main dining area and 18 seat tasting room.

The menu at Corvino Supper Club & Tasting Room is modern American but I kinda sensed a bit of an asian flair in the shareable plates.  A few examples of their array of dishes and flavors are fried brandade, whipped chicken liver, steak tartar, crab fried rice, black cod, and the super yummy wagyu ribeye.  The price points are reasonable, beginning with the smaller dishes between $8 to $10.  Once you get into the more larger dishes, such as the black cod and wagyu ribeye. those run a bit higher at $45 to $65.  Michael, who was the former executive chef at The American and the other half of this dynamic half, his wife Christina are actually first time restaurant owners.  Which is amazing to know that, considering that Michael has worked in some of the best restaurants to include, Urban Farmer in Portland, Oregon and our very own, now closed, The American.  Needless to say, my whole dining experience in this gem was five star from beginning to end.  I also want to give a shout out to our waiter, Francis.  He was fantastic and at times would almost read our minds!  That is what you call superb service.  Christina thank you much for setting up my resie for May 19th…Musica Cubana night! See you all then!

Pictured above: Steak Tartar-Smoked béarnaise, pumpernickel break crumbs

Pictured above: Fried Chicken-Hot sauce, lettuces, radish & cucumber

Pictured above: Oysters-appropriate condiments

Pictured above: Whipped Chicken Live-Parmesan cracker, crispy honey, radish & anchovy

Pictured above: Carrot & Avocado Salad-Pine nuts, black lime, various mint

Pictured above: Cheese plate-Jams, pickles, crackers, etc..