Oops, I meant to say, Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma Chameleon!  So, why don’t we all follow in a chameleon’s disguise footsteps?  Whether in chameleon colors or on fashion forward fatigues, camouflage is going no where, anytime soon.  It is still a hot pattern for anytime of year.  Especially here in the Midwest when it can be 45 degrees one day and 85 degrees the next during the Spring.  The army print aka camouflage is a must have print in your wardrobe.  Camo has its practical merits, like disguising stains and allowing yourself to stealthily surprise your enemies.  Along with the camouflage print the military jacket is a must have.  For this blog post I am sporting both trends.  Now I will say NOT to wear both trends together, unless you are going to a G.I. Joe theme party.  As far as the classic olive green version the key is to keeping the look from feeling too busy.  I paired my camouflage sweater with simple chino pants.  Keep the military pattern to one item only.  Whether it be a jacket, t-shirt, sweater, joggers, button ups, shoes, or even a simple cap the single item is suffice.  I once heard someone say, “camo is the leopard print for men’s wear.”  I kinda agreed because you would only want to wear ONE piece of leopard print.  Camo like leopard goes with everything and are never totally off-trend.

Pictured above: Hat-Peter Grimm petergrimm.com, Sweater-Urban Outfitters urbanoutfitters.com, Necklace-Shop Future etsy.com, Sunglasses-Ray-Ban ray-ban.com, Chino pants-TopMan topman.com, Boots-Cole Haan colehaan.com


The military jacket was once a practical staple for our brave men of war.  It is now fronting the ranks of the must-have jackets.  This is a man’s lightweight jacket with a masculine cut and many handy pockets.  It is perfect for layering.  This army topper is cool in that not-trying-so-hard kind of way.  The waxy olive green guise of this jacket is now available in various print and colors. In my opinion, in lieu of going with all these other different colors and prints I would keep it simple in the original plain jane olive green palette.  As they say, “If it isn’t broken don’t fix it.”

Pictured above: Hat-Peter Grimm petergrimm.com, Jacket-Banana Republic bananarepublic.com, Skinny Jeans-TopMan topman.com, Cuff-Fred Tate fredandjanistatedesigns.com, Cap-Brixton brixton.com

Photography by: V o i c e O n e A r t s voiceonearts.com