So here it is, March 13 and it is 33 degrees here in the Mid-West.  Spring is right around the corner.  I believe the weather is pretty much erratic in every hemisphere.  While “Old Man Winter” still has a hold on things, I might as well pull out a couple of my winter favorites, e.g…turtle necks, long hoodie coats, boots and bold statement accessories.  In more of “streetwear” kinda vibe.  In reference to the long hoodie coat that I am wearing in this post, it is very light weight and can definitely be used in spring and summer!  Of course, my favorite winter colors…black and grey.  The current generation emphasizes the basics, which are…impeccable tailoring, great fabrics and well thought of accessorizing.  After all, we all put some effort into what we wear, whether we want to admit or not.

As with many cultural movements, streetwear has been extremely challenging to define.  Streetwear could mean different things to different people.  For example, I mentioned streetwear to my 65 year old mother and she thought I was talking about clothing for “streetwalkers”.  I did laugh out loud and then realized how easily that could be misinterpreted.  Considering that in fashion terms, streetwear, used to be considered a dirty word.  My idea of streetwear would be fashion that is informal, casual and a bit edgy.  Some people think of sneakers, oversized hoodies and graphic tees as “streetwear”.  Others think of “streetwear” as a word loaded with certain racial and cultural connotations, bound to the image of baggy-clothed young men and women up to no good.  In recent years, the term has been injected into high fashion territory.  The fact of the matter is that streetwear has evolved considerably over the last few years.  Perhaps “streetwear” needs to be rebranded, any ideas?

Pictured above: Hat-All Saints, Turtle neck-Banana Republic, Long Hoodie-Aurelien Collin Paolini Garment, Skinny Jeans-TOPMAN, Necklace-Shop Future, Boots-Cole Haan

Photography by: V o i c e O n e A r t s