What can I say about this fabulous and talented jewelry designer, Georgina Herrera (mckbrands.com), that you can not see for yourself in her designs?  Well, I will start by telling you that she is one of the most beautiful ladies, inside and out, that I have ever met.  I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Georgina during Kansas City Fashion Week S/S ’17.  My first impression was receiving this warm embrace from this positively radiant tall glamazon with a million-dollar smile.  Even after a long evening she still had all this energy and looked like she just stepped out of a fashion/jewelry magazine.  I had been looking forward to meeting Georgina and she turned it around on me and mentioned that she recognized me from my Instagram account, which was such a flattering moment.  I also noticed her sultry accent when she spoke. I knew from that moment that we would be fast friends.  Now you might be thinking that I am being biased with this post but I assure you this talented lady is the REAL deal.  Every piece of her beautiful baubles are designed and made with every detail in mind and especially with love.  You can tell and feel that Georgina has a passion for this industry.  After all, she was raised around jewelry and fashion her whole life. Georgina’s familia owns and manufactures a successful jewelry business in Mexico.

Although, originally this talented jeweler didn’t really see herself as working permanently in this industry.  Georgina is not only a talented and stunning jeweler but she has a Bachelors degree in Industrial Psychology and a Masters in International Trade.  This lady has beauty, talent and brains…the TRIFECTA!   Herrera’s line has received several fine-jewelry certifications and even sought out by high-end retailers.  Georgina’s combined experience in fashion, international trade and strong designs motivated her to create a jewelry brand that showcases the strength and beauty of today’s modern woman AND man.  Yes, you read that right, Herrera also has some great pieces for us men.  The gender fluidity of some of her pieces is what really captured my attention.  After all, beautiful statement pieces are meant for every gender.  “The connection between love, art, and tradition is unbreakable and determines who we are”-Georgina Herrera.  To your order your very own piece of luxury go to mckbrands.com and enjoy!