Another titllating place for a Sunday Brunch.  How I have never heard about this place, just mind boggles me.  Luckily Abby told me all about it (HEY Abby).  I just wish this delicious eatery was open back when I lived downtown.  Actually, five years ago when I was living downtown, The Historic Brown and Loe building was an empty building that had housed a former Merchant’s and an Asian market before sitting vacant for many years.  Brown & Loe is the brain child of Harry Murphy and Kate McLaughlin, the father and daughter team that own Harry’s Country Club in the River Market.  They had worked on this delicious sophisticated but still casual American fare restaurant for over a year and well worth the wait!  When I try a new restaurant my review begins at the host/hostess stand.  This little area in my opinion is where my dining experience begins.  It punctuates the whole experience.  The host greeted with a warm smile and seated my party and I in a timely manner.  I could tell the popularity of the place by seeing all the people enjoying their meals.  Their patio was full as well.  I also immediately noticed all the beautiful woodwork around the restaurant and the, I believe, original black and white tiled floors (my fave).  Not to forget the stunning verde marble walls throughout the restaurant.  It has all the charm of the history of the building with a modern current mid-century vibe.

Pictured above: Loco Moco-House ground beef, Jasmine Rice, Fried Egg and Gravy

Pictured above: Chorizo Bread Pudding-Green chili, Grilled Onions, Oaxaca Cheese and Sourdough bread

As we all got seated, settled-in and starting our catching-up conversations this sweet smiley faced young lady brought us our waters and welcomed us (HI Kim)!  You can tell a lot about your server when they approach you knowing they are swamped with work but still keep a smile on their face.  So, so far so good.  Kim, never took too long to refresh our beverages and always kept us posted on our entrees.  Even as busy as they were, we received our delectable yummies very timely.  I am extremely glad to have tried this City Market neighborhood bistro.  In full disclosure I did enjoy dinner at Brown & Loe just two days ago and it was just as fabulous as brunch!  Make your reservations soon and bon appétit!

Pictured above: Biscuits and Gravy-Buttermilk Biscuits, your choice of short rib or mushroom gravy.

Pictured above: Classic Breakfast-Over easy eggs, Rosemary Toast, Pepper Bacon and Home Fries.

Pictured above: Key Lime Pie-Graham Cracker Crust, Key Lime Curd, Whipped Mascarpone and Berry Lime Fruit Leather

Brown & Loe 

429 Walnut St.

Kansas City, MO 64106