Well, now that I have started a brand new year, it is time for a little reflection.  I will give you a heads up and say that the pictures in this post don’t really reflect the body copy.  I simply chose these pictures because I found them appropriate for this time of year.  I will say that this photo shoot was probably the one where I really started to feel 100% comfortable in being 1 Dapper Latino.  This past year has been wonderful, eventful, enlightening and informative.  My life took a huge positive turn in late 2015, which allowed me to spread my wings and fly.  When 2016 came around the corner I knew I had the opportunity to finally put all these, what I thought were crazy ideas, to play.  As silly as it may sound I felt a sense of reawakening.  The simple fact, that I am typing this posting in my very own website/blog is something that makes me feel accomplished and hopeful in what is to come.  Putting myself out there in the social media world really made realize that I need to develop a thicker skin.  As far as I am concerned it takes big “cajones” to throw yourself at the mercy of people of you know and especially those that you do not know.  Don’t get me wrong, I knew I would get some flack from some “no-namers” but I have not let it deter me from what I want to accomplish.

Pictured above: Hat-Peter Grimm (petergrimm.com), Denim Jacket-True Religion (truereligion.com), Shirt-Ermenegildo Zegna (halls.com), Vest-Diesel (halls.com), Tie-Topman (us.topman.com), Tie Clip-Tiffany & Co. (tiffany.com), Pants-ZARA (zara.com), Shoes-Cole Haan (colehaan.com)

I have learned not to put any mind to some people’s aspersions.  I have no shame in stating that I am my very own fan.  You have to believe in yourself and strive to make your dreams come true.  As I mentioned earlier in this posting, I had to face my past fears and demons.  Fear is not necessarily a bad thing.  Fear is a limiting factor but moving past it is instrumental for success.  I could not be more proud of myself for really getting out there and putting my little stamp in the world.  It truly warms my heart as I find myself reflecting on an eventful year.  Thankfully celebrating successes and humbly learning from my mistakes.  I have joined a couple of organizations in hope to expand my business.  I also have met some amazing, intelligent and supportive people along the way.  I can not forget to thank the people in my life who have been there for me from day one.  I wish you all from the bottom of my heart a wonderful, happy, healthy, loving and prosperous 2017.  To quote the fabulous Ellen Degeneres, ” be kind to one another”.  Lets ROCK 2017!

Photography by: V o i c e O n e A r t s voiceonearts.com