As I am typing away on this beautiful 71 degrees’ day (October 27th) at 4:35 pm I start to notice that the temperature dropped a bit.  I take a look at my weather app on my phone and notice that it will be a high of 43 degrees tomorrow!  Looks like summer has officially lost it’s grasp.  Fall and Spring are fairly similar on that they both require some layering.  Layering your clothing is a tried-and-true way to maximize your comfort indoors and outdoors.  This simple concept allows you to make quick adjustments based on the sudden changes in the weather, especially here in the Midwest.  Trying to dress for this fickle weather can be frustrating.  Even in the face of harsh weather no one wants to sacrifice style.  When I am trying to keep up with this ever changing weather I aim to choose lightweight pieces especially when pairing it with this bicast leather moto-jacket.  To add color to this layered ensemble while keeping it simple I threw in a long-sleeved plaid button-down.  Plaid is an off-duty favorite this time of year.  There are countless ways you can pull off this favorite look.  As pictured for you below I wore my layered plaid shirt in two different styles.  One way is worn in the way it is intended.  The other way I wrapped it around my waist.  As mentioned before this is when layering comes into play.  As you warm up and need to take off the middle layer you simply wrap it around your waist for that 90’s grunge look, which is still very much into play.  The reverse as you start to cool down.  Other accents that add some visual variety to a layered outfit are hats and jewelry.  I would suggest not to go too heavy on these if you already have a couple few visible layers.

Pictured above: Hat- All Saints, White Tee- Hanes x Karla The Original xkarla, Plaid Button-down- H&M, Belt- Gucci, Skinny Jeans- TopMan, Boots- Cole Haan, Duffle bag- Z Gallerie

Pictured above: Black Onyx Bracelet- Stephen Webster via TIVOL, Index Finger Ring- Uno De 50, Ring Finger Ring- Swap Meet in San Diego, Boots- Cole Haan

Photography by: V o i c e O n e A r t s