It is time to face reality, the clocks have fallen back and the extremely cold temperatures and snow have embraced us with their icy arms.  So I thought I would give a little inspiration to both my male and female viewers with a little help from model, Noelle Manica.  Let’s be honest, getting dressed in the dead of winter is not an easy feat when you are trying to stay warm and look très chic.  Nothing defines this season of rain, snow and sleet like donning layered outfits.  Layering is a practical way to dress when Jack Frost is out and about wreaking havoc.  Do not be afraid to pile on the layers.  A turtleneck or turtleneck dress like the one Noelle is wearing, under a sweater, under a coat, a scarf over the coat, for example will for sure keep you warm and toasty.  This time of year is the only time you can wear fur (or faux fur, of course).  You can wear fur with just about anything to give your outfit an instant upgrade.  For you ladies, pair that fantastical fur coat with some over-the-knee boots and you will be turning heads (see pictures below).

As some of you might know I tend to gravitate towards a more classic ensemble with a little edge.  I opted for a plaid suit for this photo shoot.  Now you don’t necessarily have to go with plaid.  Any suit from your classic dark to lighter shades will make you look and feel more posh.  I mean, come on, a man in a suit will always have the ladies and some gentlemen look twice and smile.  No look will ever be complete without some accessorizing.  My top four accessories for the winter are as follows.  Number one, the camel hued coat…it is a timeless and versatile option.  Number two, an oversized scarf…it will make you look like a wall street mogul while keeping you warm.  Third, leather gloves…they give an outfit an element of sophistication.  Last but not least and the cherry on top is the brimmed hat.  It will give you that masculine but refined old-school elegance.  So remember, no need to sacrifice style in order to stay warm!

Pictured above/Noelle: Fur Coat- Express, Turtleneck Dress- VENUS, Boots- Sergio Rossi, Necklace-Ring-Earrings- MCK Brands, Car- Maserati

Pictured above/Josue: Hat- New York Hat Co., Shirt- Eton, Suit- Moods of Norway via ULAH, Overcoat- Banana Republic, Scarf & Gloves- ZARA, Shoes- Prada, Duffle Bag- DOLYN

Photography by: Semper Fi Photography (Instagram: semperfi_photography)