Leopard print has been a fashion staple for many decades.  The iconic print created quite the sensation back in 1932 due to the success of the movie, Tarzan.  All of sudden, leopard and cheetah prints were seen all over.  Peeps were sporting it on their coats, shoes, blouses and loin clothes ;).  Granted, it was mainly women wearing these exotic prints.  Nowadays, both men and women are donning the pattern.  Not just leopard and cheetah prints have been around forever but all animal prints such as zebra, tiger, giraffes and snake have made the rounds in fashion.  Leopard print isn’t just for clothing anymore.  You can find it on wallpaper, furniture, throw pillows and in lots of different aspects in home decor.   Let’s just be real here, leopard print is very much an eye-catcher.  I for one am a huge fan of the pattern but in moderation.  I also prefer to sport it during the fall and winter season.  I mean, how many men would look good in a leopard print speedo??  Now back to wearing it in moderation.  I wouldn’t suggest wearing leopard from head to toe, unless you’re going to a leopard print theme party.  I mean, who doesn’t love a theme party, right?!



Even in the pictures shown in this body text I feel like I’m pushing the envelope wearing two pieces of leopard.  Good thing I’m wearing white shoes.  As far as I’m concerned, it would’ve been overkill had I wore leopard print shoes.  Let’s not go crazy.  I also wouldn’t pair it with bright colors.  You want to put the focus onto the pattern.  Wear it with denim, white, lots of black and grey.  I actually even wear it with plaid.  I enjoy mixing patterns but I would not mix animal prints.  In a nutshell, learn how to balance an exotic pattern.  The animal print is here to stay, its not going anywhere.  Just keep it fun and explore new ways to incorporate it into your outfits.  Again, leopard is not just for women. Come on men, try it and wear with confidence…RAWR!

Above: I’m wearing a Brixton hat (www.brixton.com), Zara Man bomber jacket and jeans (www.zara.com), white short-sleeve shirt from GAP (www.gap.com)and leopard print belt from Target (www.target.com)



Above: Eyewear from Lunor (www.lunor.com) and David Yurman bracelet from Tivol (www.tivol.com)

Photography by: V o i c e O n e A r t s (www.voiceonearts.com)