Hey you, go take a hike!  Just kidding but I would love to introduce you to one of Kansas City’s first-rate creatives, Haik (pronounced just like HIKE) Kavookjian. I met this talented leather smith during the holidays at The Strawberry Swing Indie Craft Fair in Kansas City MO.  As I was walking by his both I immediately stopped to admire his work.  Right then I knew I wanted to work with Haik to make me a custom wallet.  Not just any wallet but I wanted a chain wallet.  If you really know me you know I love a chained wallet.  We set up a date and time to discuss and create this leather good.  As we were brainstorming Haik mentioned that he had never worked with exotic leather.  That was music to my ears.  I knew exactly what I wanted.  As you you look at the stunning images of our collaboration you will have the opportunity to get to know HAIK.

Haik Kavookjian spent the first four years of his career in the entertainment industry.  After working in film distribution and talent management he transitioned to the creative side, producing web-based content for companies such as Disney and Yahoo.

 It was during this time that he began working to help launch Sword & Plough, a social enterprise that incorporates surplus military material into unique bag designs.  The fashion brand works with American manufactures that are veteran-owned and donates 10% of profits to veteran organizations.

With Haik’s help, the company launched in April 2013 via a successful 30-day Kickstarter campaign, raising over $300,00 through pre-sale of 1,500+ products.  Haik continued to work as Sword & Plough’s creative director and product designer for the next five years, helping the brand grow to yearly revenue of seven figures, before starting his own line of hand stitched leather products, Goods by Haik.

Haik uses a few specialized cutting, sanding and creasing tools to speed up the production process, but all of his wallets and hand sewn with a saddle stitch right here in Kansas City!  His work is largely inspired by the styles and methods of traditional European leatherwork.  Every product has been meticulously crafted with some of the finest leather in the world and an 18 step production process ensures that each unique piece will last.  All of Haik’s work is backed by a lifetime guarantee!

I think you are probably done looking at images of me and my wallet.  So down below you will see more of HAIK’s impeccable leather goods.  You can see the detail and love he puts into each piece of leather goods.  Consider yourself informed, for all your leather needs, HAIK is your man!


In addition to making custom leather goods.  Haik works as freelance videographer and photographer.  You can view some of his visual work here: http://www.haikkavookjian.com

SPECIAL Thank you to Crossroads Hotel for letting us shoot in their beautiful lobby/bar!