So another beautiful productive day was had here in Coronado California.  Beautiful blue skies and an ocean breeze carried the delicious scent of this popular seafood eatery.  The Brigantine ( had a lively atmosphere where both locals and visitors like myself can share a sense of community.  The first Brigantine was opened in 1969 by the Morton family.  The extensive menu featured their award winning fish tacos, freshly shucked oysters and their best-selling marinated grilled swordfish.  The service was equally as good as the edibles.  To start with I ordered the crispy coconut macadamia shrimp.  Let me tell you, these were jumbo shrimp!  They were layered with a delicious mango pico de gallo.  I also ordered a half a dozen of Chef’s Creek oysters.  I will admit that I am not a big fan of oysters but I needed to step out of my comfort zone and try them.  I was glad I did.  Just add a dab of horseradish with the cocktail sauce and vóila.  They were meaty with a hint of sweetness.  For my entree I ordered the free bird chicken sandwich.  A spicy buttermilk crispy chicken breast, american cheese, bacon, pickled green tomatoes, lettuce and peppercorn mayo in a brioche bun made it the perfect sandwich.



The Brigantine really helped me look at seafood in a new light.  I mean come on, I am in the West Coast so why not try some fresh seafood.  I would most definitely hit this place up again next time I’m here in Coronado or go to another one of their locations in Escondido, Point Loma, Del Mar, La Mesa or Poway California.