Running a bit behind on my blog posting as I have been finishing up a couple interior design jobs, which I will be posting soon!  A very good girlfriend of mine (HEY Theresa) during coffee, started talking about this great little restaurant that I should try out.  She had been there a couple of weeks prior.  I immediately made reservations.  The name of this great little restaurant is Freshwater.   Well I would call it more of a bistro than a restaurant due to the cute and quaint atmosphere.  After all it does fall under the category of a fine-dining bistro.  As soon as I walked into this bistro I was greeted by the friendliest maître d’ (Tom).  As he was seating my party and I, Tom asked if we had any interest in being sat at the Chef’s communal table.  Well of course, I said yes!  You should always want to be sat anywhere that is referred to as the Chef’s table.  Freshwater features large picture windows that showcase the busy view of Southwest Trafficway.  The interior was very minimal but charming, as a bistro should be.

Pictured above: House-made Charcuterie; accompanied by Pickles, Spreads and Ciabatta bread.

Pictured above: KC Shrimp; Pommes Fondant, Creme Fraiche, Hackelback Caviar & Chive.

Pictured above: Crispy Pork Belly; Green Garlic, Rhubarb and Pea Tendrils.

I had the opportunity and pleasure of speaking with the Executive chef/owner, Calvin Davis.  I asked a couple of questions before I sat down to enjoy the menu.  My first was, what was the meaning behind the name of his eatery.  He stated that it is because he only plans on serving fresh water fish, that would only make sense.  Chef Calvin Davis only serves locally sourced foods while using more of a fine-dining plating method.  I believe Freshwater seats up to 60 people.  Davis’ vision for his restaurant is to be approachable for people living in Midtown and also for it to be a place where people in surrounding areas would love to travel to enjoy a fabulous dining experience.  It also shows in his price point which is very well priced.  There are a series of small plates that all run under $10.  All the shareable plates run on average around $15.  The highest entree is the dry aged Delmonico with it’s complimentary sides and that was $18.  That being said, Davis’ also offers land-based proteins along with a few vegetable-centric entrees.  So as you can see, for fine-dining, it is very affordable.

To sum this evening up, it was delicious from the second I sat down till when I left.  However, if I am giving a 100% honest review the  only entree that I had an issue with was the whole Blue Gill (pictured as the featured image).  For someone like me who is not an old farm boy, it is a bit difficult to get through the blue gill.  Do not get me wrong it was delicious but for me it was too much effort to enjoy it.  I absolutely do recommend you giving this newcomer a try…Freshwater 3711 SW Trafficway, Kansas City, MO 64111 (816) 492-6861.

Pictured above: Sweet Potato Confit; Lavosh, Ricotta and Toasted Walnuts.

Pictured above: Braised Pork Shoulder; Polenta, Siberian Kale and Gremolata.

Pictured above: Dry Aged Delmonico; Pommes Fondant, Soubise Vert, Grilled Salad.

Pictured above: TOP LEFT-Grandma’s Strawberries; Creme Fraiche, Sorghum and Sugar Cookie…MIDDLEBruleed Peach; Blueberry and Vanilla Gelato…BOTTOM LEFTChocolate “En Croute”; Caramel and Tuille

Pictured above: The Best Cup of Coffee I have ever had; Hazelnut Cream with a spoonful of pulverized assorted nuts, brown, cinnamon and  regular sugar (some secret ingredients).