Hey peeps, as we find ourselves in the midst of Covid-19 and for many people work has come to a standstill to include myself.  Can you believe that approximately 115 days ago the Corona virus reared it’s catastrophic head and ensued this global pandemic? I was lucky enough to finish this project right before the pandemic hit our beloved city.  The young couple living here are the luckiest to be quarantined in this new space.  When given the opportunity to give this tired home a facelift I literally jumped into action.  This small bungalow-ish home needed a lot of TLC and I was looking forward to making a dramatic difference.  The bones in this old home are solid and strong so it made it easier to execute on my ideas. I also had to keep in mind that this piece of property is a rental and I had to be diligent with my budget and creative with my ideas.  Considering my client would possibly be hiring me for two other rental properties, so that is always an incentive for me to hit it out of the park.

When I first walked the home I knew immediately I needed to repair some cracked walls, apply a fresh coat of paint and refinish the beautiful and original hardwood flooring.  As I assessed the scope of work I quickly realized I needed to redo the kitchen cabinets, add storage to the kitchen area and add countertops.  The bathroom needed a new commode, new tiling of the floor and walls.  Definitely wanted to keep that original and beautiful claw-foot tub. It just required some love and elbow grease.  Then I let my creative juices flow on how I wanted to design each space of the house.  What used to be the living room I divided it into a office space and dining room. Creating an intimate space for each area.  What used to be pretty much a non-functional room is now a cozy den.  In the bedroom I wanted to bring an airy, coastal and carefree vibe.  The turnaround on this project was six weeks which was the quickest job to-date. Six weeks may seem like a long time but keep in mind I am a one-man-show.  I don’t usually share the price but to do everything in this project I came in a little under $25,000.00, all in.  STAY SAFE and THANK those on the frontline – Nurses, Doctors, Truck Drivers, Store Clerks, Law Enforcement Officers and many more!

Before Photos

After Photos


Kitchen Cabinets/Floating Shelves: Common Joinery

Cabinetry Hardware: Locks & Pulls

Counter Tops: RockTops

Kitchen Flooring & Backsplash: The Tile Shop

Kitchen Light Fixture: West Elm

Main Room

Rugs/Dining Table/Dining Chairs:  World Market

Desk/Desk Chair/Bookcase/Sideboard: Nebraska Furniture Mart

Ceiling Light Fixture: West Elm

Mirrors/Artwork/Accessories: HomeGoods


Commode: Home Depot

Wall & Floor Tile: The Tile Shop

Shower Curtain & TP Holder: Target

 Living Room

Sofa/Rug/Floor Lamp/End Table/Lamp/Throw/Artwork: HomeGoods

Ceiling Light Fixture: West Elm

Swivel Chair: Nebraska Furniture Mart

Ceiling Light Fixture: West Elm


Rug/Bedding/Nightstands/Lamps/Artwork: HomeGoods

Ceiling Fan: Home Depot

Mirror & Four Drawer Chest: Nebraska Furniture Mart

  • Tile Installation by J.C. Tile: 816-210-5938
  • Hardwood floor refinishing and painting by WW Construction & Painting: 785-764-6365
  • “After” photography by Grate Productions: Grate Productions